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In terms of transforming into a diversified chemical company with core business in specialty chemicals, the OUCC has been striving vigorously in the development of environmental-friendly, energy saving, safety and green ethylene oxide derivative products by means of the prime raw material EO from the Company’s own production, as well as reinforced development and innovative technology in value-added products.

The Ethanolamine (EA) plant of OUCC, 40,000 MT per annum, launching production in 2001, has started the diversification of the Company and enabled to wholly supply the domestic market, which used to rely completely on the import. Triethanolamine (TEA) particularly. Customers of TEA have finally been able to secure the procurement of the raw material, which were bounded by CWC importation restriction of the United Nations, to further strengthen their market competitiveness. In addition to the domestic market, the Company has also taken full use of the geographical advantage over the export to China, South East Asia, Europe and America, etc.

The Ethylene Carbonate (EC) plant of OUCC, 60,000 MT per annum, using high purified Ethylene Oxide (HPEO) andCO2 as feedstock for Polycarbonate (PC) mainly, has established the milestone of an environmental protected green process by reducing effectively the GHG emission.  

The Company’s Ethoxylates (EOD) products, upon the production launch in 2011, branding as EVOXsTM, have been sold worldwide, with annual capacity of 50,000 MT as well as a variety of applications to the industries of commodity chemicals, household chemicals, textile, construction, coatings, plastics, PU, and so on. Apart from the EOD products manufactured from the Company’s BUSS reactor, which are of high efficiency and quality assurance, the various products customized from the medium- or small-scale reactors also meet with customers’ requirements.