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Sustainability Vision and Goal

"Sustainable Development" is the primary goal of OUCC. Therefore, we value the concerns of interested parties, including keeping a good economic performance for our shareholders to have confidence in the Company and reasonable returns, building a "healthy and safe working environment with self challenge" to protect employees' rights and interests relating to work, and making suppliers our partners in creating social values, all as the goals to be achieved with our efforts.

Therefore, since our first CSR report was issued in 2015, we have started with " Integrity governance, stability and reliability, and corporate responsibility " as three pillars of sustainable development to communicate with the interested parties in a real and transparent manner with immediate effect to resolve the sustainability issues in all aspects. Despite the fact that there are many challenges on the pass towards sustainability, we will continue to hold fast the Company’s core values to create sustainability values for our relevant interested parties.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)