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Stakeholders and Material Topics

Sustainable Development is the primary goal of OUCC and we value the concerns of the stakeholders, including the maintenance of good economic performance to give shareholders confidence in our company and to provide reasonable returns. A “healthy and safe working environment with self-challenge” is maintained to protect the rights and interests of our employees relating to work, and treating our suppliers as partners in the creation of social value, are all important goals to be achieved.

Since our first CSR report was issued in 2015, we have adhered to “integrity governance, stability and reliability, and corporate responsibility” as three pillars of sustainable development. OUCC communicates with stakeholders in a real and transparent manner without delay to resolve any sustainability issues in all aspects. Despite the many challenges on the path towards sustainability, we will continue to hold fast to the core values of Company to create
sustainability values for all our stakeholders.

Diversified Stakeholder Communication
OUCC believes that sustainable action can only be included in corporate business management through an understanding of the needs of stakeholders and by transparent disclosure of the issues of concern in a way that fulfills CSR commitments.

We adopt the five major principles of AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (SES) to identify the interested parties of OUCC according to the responsibility, influence, attentiveness, dependence, representative and policy implication of the stakeholders including: Employees, suppliers, corporate customers, shareholders and investors, the government and the competent authorities, and so on. In response to the comments and suggestions made by the above interested parties, we disclosed major points and improved results in the Report after conducting materiality analysis.

We value the suggestions of our stakeholders which provide strength for progress and the core element to sustainable development. We have provided a number of communication channels for employees, investors, suppliers, and the community to easily voice their opinion and receive a response to suggestions for improvement and innovation. We believe that sustainable development can be achieved through diversified stakeholder communication, policy planning and implementation. In 2018, we have identified several major topics and developed corresponding strategies and actions in response to the concerns of stakeholders, with details described in each chapter and please refer to page 132 for management approach of material topics.

Process & Boundaries of Material Topics