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The ethylene glycol (EG) plant was built in 1978, utilizing technology licensed from Union Carbide, USA . (Union Carbide was merged by Dow Chemical in 2001.) With revamping completed in 1999, we increased annual production to 300,000 tons. The majority of these highly competitive products are sold to domestic polyester producers with the remainder exported to China , Southeast Asia , New Zealand , and Australia.

Considering the fact that the rapidly expanding output of polyester in China that results in an increasing need for imported EG, we also pursue High Purity EO expansion project and are assessing the feasibility of building a second EG plant to support its core business and to develop related ethylene oxide derivative (EOD) products.

In line with its environmental conservation policy, carbon dioxide produced from the process is recovered to produce liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice for industrial application and usage. Carbon dioxide is also a main raw material for producing ethylene carbonate.

*Application of Monoethylene Glycol(MEG)
Polyester, antifreezes, dehydration agents, engineering plastics, PET bottles, and brake fluids.

*Application of Diethylene Glycol(DEG)
Dehydration agents, lubricants, leveling agents, solvents, grinding aids, unsaturated polyester resin, and polyol.

*Application of Triethylene Glycol(TEG)
Dehydration agents, solvents, and polyol.

*Application of Ethylene Oxide(EO)
Ethylene glycols, glycol ethers, ethanolamines, non-ionic surfactants, and disinfectants.