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The OUCC gas plant incorporates large air separation and gas liquidation units using technology and facilities from APCI in the U.S. and Linde in Germany. Its total annual capacities are 650,000 tons for gases and 170,000 tons for liquids, and it is one of the major air separation plants in Taiwan.

These gas production is sufficient to supply the internal needs of the EG, EA and EC plants. Excess gases are sold to customers in the Lin Yuan and Dafa Industrial Parks . The remaining liquid products are sold island-wide and abroad.

To promptly respond to customer demands, the gas plant has storage capacity of more than 7,000 tons, with personnel and equipment standing by all times. OUCC also has technical agreements with leading global gas producers to offer on-site facilities for customer to provide high purity gases piping networks.

Liquid delivery
OUCC has more than 20 semi-trailers to handle the liquid transportation 24 hours a day. Since most of the trailers are built at high working pressure, they can fill to customer?s| s tank by pressure directly and are not like the conventional low pressure trailers of consuming electrical power. We save very much pumping loss during the unloading in this comparison.
*Application of Oxygen
petrochemical industry, metal processing, welding, cutting, waste water treatment, incinerators, hospitals, and fisheries.

*Application of Nitrogen
refineries, electronics, semiconductors, plastics, food preservation packaging, chemicals, heat treatment.

*Application of Argon
welding, aerospace, electronics, semiconductors, mental and alloy manufacturing.