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In response to increased market demands, OUCC has proceeded new product development plans, expanded research laboratory and completed a multifunctional pilot plant to enhance the capability to develop new products starting from R&D through pilot trials to commercialization as well as to strengthen competition advantage.

The Roadmap of R&D

In addition to its core business, OUCC proceeds high-tech research and development according to market movements and future trends of chemical materials. Based on the business strategy of product diversity, various new products in different categories are under developments. The roadmap of R&D is summarized as follows,
* High-value added derivatives of ethylene oxide and manufacturing technologies.
Sodium Isethionate (SI) derivatives, Ethanol Amines (EA) derivatives, Poly-Ethylene Glycols (PEG) derivatives, Methyl Poly Glycol (MPEG), Fatty Alcohols and Fatty Acids derivatives, etc.
*Specialty chemicals / surfactants and PEG derivatives.
*Other specialty chemicals / agrochemicals and materials for special additives.
*Biotechnology / pharmaceutical applications and bio-degradable materials.
*Renewable energy / solar and hydrogen energy application materials.

By the continuing efforts, OUCC aims to achieve the following targets.
*To play the strategic roles in the Far Eastern Group in petrochemical industry and accelerate the development of high value added new product.
*To enhance worldwide network and to integrate the technical resources in order to make greater development in specialty chemicals, bio-degradable plastics and pharmaceuticals for creating new value in petrochemical industry.
*To reinforce research innovation and to reach sustainable benchmark.