Department Business Overview

Department Functions & Operations
President Office The President’s staff unit.
HR & Administration 
  1. Management of human resources related affairs.
  2. Management of general related affairs.
  3. IT system management and implementation.
EOG & GAS Business Group
  1. Sale of EO and EG products and procurement of major raw materials.
  2. Sale of gas products
SC Business Group
  1. Sale of EOD and other specialty chemicals
  2. Sale of EA , EC, and BCS products
  3. Sale of specialty chemicals abroad and channel establishment
  4. Sale & development of specialty chemicals and EA products in China
  5. Technical support of specialty chemicals, new application development and specification formulation of new product
Plant Administration
  1. Plant administration, logistics and transportation related affairs.
  2. Procurement of raw materials and supplies, awarding of contracts, and the related.
Manufacturing Group
  1. Production of MEG, DEG ,EO, EA and BCS
  2. Production of Gas (oxygen, nitrogen, argon gas and liquefied CO2)
  3. Production of the specialty chemicals of EOD
  4. Production of the specialty chemicals of EC
S.H.E. Dept. Environmental protection, labor safety and other safety-related matters
Technical & RD Center
  1. Project execution, production process improvement & evaluation, and engineering related matters
  2. R&D of EOD materials and new products, etc.
  3. Process development and technical support, etc.
  4. Analysis, testing and quality assurance, etc.
  5. Mass production tests and the related
  6. Maintenance of instruments, machinery, electrics & mechanics, and pipelines, etc.
Finance Dept. Insurance, shareholders’ service, credit investigation, financial management and the related
Accounting Dept. Taxation, budgeting, accounting management and the related。
Auditing Dept. Internal audit