Solid Know-How for Value Creation

Based on the production of ethylene glycol, OUCC has mastered the profound professional technology and R&D advantages in the development of ethylene oxide derivatives. With full awareness of the sustainability and corporate social responsibilities, OUCC upholds the three major product management policies of "stable, safe, and environmentally friendly", in the process of innovation and sustainable development, striving to meet customer needs as well as to improve energy efficiency. In the course of pursuit for sustainability, OUCC continues to create new value of products with innovative edge.


Innovative R&D

Continuous breakthroughs in pursuit of a better future

With "Innovative R&D" as its core advantage, OUCC takes mainly the high value-added specialty chemicals as its research and development goals, by integrating a professional and solid R&D team, constantly innovating and developing extraordinary products to meet the diverse needs of customers, and ensures OUCC’s products take the important part of a much safer, convenient and enjoyable daily lives.


About OUCC

Upholding Founding Spirit to Consolidate Profound Strength

Founded in 1975, OUCC has been one of the petrochemical energy businesses of the Far East Group.
Upholding the corporate spirit of "sincerity, diligence, thrift, prudence, and innovation", OUCC has established its solid base through pragmatic practice over the past 40 years, dedicated to creating high-quality products, enhancing and innovating product values for customers as well as for the company itself, accumulating the momentum of OUCC towards sustainability.



Macro Care and Sustainable Orientation

OUCC uses a true, transparent, instant and effective channel to continue the communication with stakeholders from international, industry, and communities, listen to multiple voices, and develop perspective strategies in terms of employee care, human rights protection, energy resources management, innovative research and development, process environment and supply chain management, based on its core business, to implement the corporate goal of sustainable development.

Innovation Donglian
Integrity governance
Integrity Governance
Diligent partner
Diligent Partnerships
Pragmatic Practice
Cautious thinking
Prudent Thinking