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Construction ChemicalsConstruction Chemicals

Product Description

Precision chemicals designed with the vision of continuously improving the quality of concrete
Monomers for Polycarboxylic Ether Superplasticizer
Polycarboxylic Ether Superplasticizers
Functional Chemical Additives
Customized Products

Starting from the most upstream petrochemical raw materials, OUCC has processed many times to finally use the chemicals available in the concrete plant. All of them are designed and manufactured by themselves, and control the processing quality and quality assurance of each stage. OUCC continues to operate the construction industry, across the fields of chemistry and civil engineering, and solve various construction problems with customers to improve the quality of the industry.

Construction Chemicals
Construction Chemicals


Make the concrete more uniform

Starting with chemical admixtures, we work with customers to find a perfect and even balance point for concrete. In order to meet this requirement, OUCC products are "precise design", strict definition of quality control standards, allowing customers to get stable quality products, to achieve a perfect uniform standard.