GAS Products
GAS Products

GAS Products

The OUCC gas plant incorporates large air separation and gas liquidation units using technologies and facilities from APCI (USA), AL (France) and Linde (Germany). Its total annual capacities are 650,000 tons for gases and 170,000 tons for liquids, and it is one of the major air separation plants in Taiwan.

The gases produced are sufficient to supply the internal needs of the EG, EA and EC plants. While the oxygen and nitrogen gases are sold to customers in the Linyuan and Dafa Industrial Parks, the remaining liquid products are sold island-wide.

To promptly respond to customer demands, the gas plant is equipped with storage capacity of more than 10,000 tons, with personnel and equipment standing by at all times. OUCC also has technical agreements with leading global gas producers to offer on-site facilities for customer supply of high purity gases thru pipelines.
The delivery of the company’s gas products comprises pipeline, bulk and on-site. The total of customers the company has long-term supplied exceeds 200 and from all walks of life.

Downstream application of OUCC Gas Products
Application of Oxygen

Petrochemical industry, pure oxygen combustion, metal cutting, wastewater treatment, incinerators, hospitals and fisheries.

Application of Nitrogen

Oil refining industry, electronics and semiconductors, plastics, food freezing and packaging, chemical industry, metal heat treatment, etc.

Application of Argon

Welding, solar energy, electronics and semiconductors, metal manufacturing, etc.

Application of Carbon dioxide

Welding, food freezing and packaging, electronics and semiconductors, carbonated drinks, etc.

GAS Products
GAS Products
Supplying Capability
  • Two ASU and three carbon dioxide units, rotating for maintenance & repair, and capable of full supply.
  • Gas is supplied to Linyuan and Dafa Industrial Parks through underground pipelines.
  • Liquid gas storage tank: Over 10,000 tons storage capacity to fully provide customers during shut downs resulted from the force majeure, if any.
  • Over a hundred storage tanks established at customers sites nationwide.
  • OUCC is equipped with on-site nitrogen plant installment capability and performances.
  • The installment of remotely monitoring systems invested at all the customer sites provides 24-hr monitor on product inventory and in-time supply to secure safe inventory.
  • Tanker trailers: OUCC owns over 30 liquid gas tanker trailers and continues to procure the newest model with larger transporting capability according to business requirements, to provide prompt delivery of the required liquid oxygen/nitrogen/argon and LCO2 to any parts of Taiwan at any time.
  • OUCC provides 24-hr delivery, all year round, in order to fulfill customers’ needs.

Product Specifications

O2 <1ppm >99.7% <1ppm <2ppm >99.7%
CO2 Trace Trace Trace Trace Trace
CxHy Trace <50ppm Trace Trace Trace
CH4 Trace  <50ppm Trace Trace Trace
H2O <1ppm <1ppm <1ppm <1ppm <1ppm
N2 >99.9998% <5ppm <3ppm >99.9995% <5ppm
Ar >0.3% >99.9995% <0.3%
Storage Tanks, Pipelines and Tanker Filling Services
OUCC owns over 30 liquid gas tanker trailers for the prompt delivery of liquid oxygen/nitrogen/argon and LCO2 to any parts of Taiwan.
GAS Products
Remote Liquid-Level Monitoring System
  • The company has invested in installing the remote monitoring system with wireless signal transmission at all customers across the country, to monitor customers’ product inventory at 24 hours for the active coordination of the delivery schedule to ensure the maintenance of safe inventory.
  • Customers can get hold on the real-time and historical data for product delivery, inventory and usage.
Medical Oxygen License
  • Drug License of the Health Department of the Executive Yuan: Health Department Pharmaceutical System No. 051539
  • License for drug manufacturers: Kaohsiung City Pharmaceutical System No. 6142050535
  • Certificate of Good Manufacturing of Ministry of Health and Welfare: Ministry of Health Pharmaceutical Factory Certificate No. (G)0009010