2022 / 03 / 03

Announcement of Important Resolutions of 2022 Annual Shareholders' Meeting on Behalf of Subsidiary Pacific Petrochemical (Holding) Ltd.

1.Date of the shareholders meeting: 2022/03/03
2.Important resolutions (1)Profit distribution/ deficit
  compensation: Nil
3.Important resolutions (2)Amendments to the corporate charter: Nil
4.Important resolutions (3)Business report and financial statements:
Approval of the 2021 Financial Statements of PPL
5.Important resolutions (4)Elections for board of directors and
  supervisors: Nil
6.Important resolutions (5)Any other proposals:
Approval of the amendment to ”Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of
Assets,” ”Procedures of Capital Lending to Others” and ”Procedures for
Endorsements and Guarantees” of PPL
7.Any other matters that need to be specified: Nil