Questionnaire of CSR related issues

To assist stakeholders of Oriental Union Chemical Corporation (OUCC) to further understand OUCC’s engagement in CSR, to enhance the communication of OUCC with stakeholders through CSR report, please feedback your comment or opinion of concerned issues by filling out the following questionnaire to improve our comprehension, as of vital reference to the 1st edition of OUCC’s 2014 CSR Report, to be issued in 2015.。

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CSR related issues
Strength of concern

composition and operation of the Board, internal audit, shareholder’s equity, and dividend policy, etc.

key strategies and objectives in operation

operating performance overview and financial information in revenue, expenses and profit

plants’ operating procedures in management analysis, examination, transportation and risk control, etc.

contents of personal data protection, non-disclosure agreement, and policy, etc.

procedures of overall customer service management, complete product profile & application recommended, and customer’s grievance, etc.

new product investment, innovation and marketing development, etc.

release of relevant and major information

specifications, certification and inspection of raw material quality

factors for supplier management under the reliable requirements of quality, delivery, capacity and safety

relevant safety facilities and performance on environmental policy, management systems, and energy

relevant safety facilities and performance on environmental policy, management systems, and energy

the method, frequency and channel of communication with supplier

product specifications, technology and service, etc.

requirement, compliance, and disclosure of relevant law and stipulation

relevant management and performance on energy consumption and carbon emission reduction pursuant to law

control of air/noise pollutants, water resource management, and waste management & recycling

occupational safety management system, disabled injuries frequency, and preventive measures, etc.

employee rights, working hours guarantee, grievance channel, and sexual-harassment-free working environment, etc.

communication mechanism, satisfaction survey and enhancement

staff career development system, education & training courses, performance appraisals, and training effectiveness, etc.

all benefits, welfare and payroll system for employees

principle guideline, management procedures, corporate culture cultivation, and health check, etc.

Involvement in charity, community activities, and resources inputs, etc.