Talent Attraction and Retention 

Through a fair, open, just, and efficient recruiting system, we recruit suitable talents, while keeping in mind of the basic human rights of equal employment opportunities. Through the selecting, training, and keeping of the employees, the goal to find suitable talent to fit a suitable position is reached in order to ensure the quality and work stability of the new employee. To enhance corporate identity, OUCC gathers those with same ideals, and offer outstanding salary, diversified welfare systems, and uninterrupted communication channels to create a friendly and safe work environment and to keep and attract talents.

The OUCC has clear specifications for employee performance evaluation and employee incentive & discipline. To maintain both equity and employee development, managers at all levels will discuss daily performance with the staff during the evaluation period. The performance appraisal and evaluation mechanism is carried out in two stages. Direct managers account for 70% of variance in employee performance evaluation, and managers at higher-levels account for 30% of variance. The 2020 annual performance evaluation was a 100% all-employee operation. Operator-level colleagues, employees at respective level, as well as management level were all evaluated.

Besides, the OUCC has formulated the “Rules Governing the Payroll” as a reference for determining personnel remuneration and salary increases. To keep the salary competitive to attract and retain the talented candidate or personnel, the Company studies proactively the industry pay levels and review regularly of its remuneration policy. The department managers will make final adjustments for interest sharing when the Company is profitable in the current fiscal year.

Sound Pension Mechanism

OUCC has been established for more than 45 years and provides many employment opportunities in the Kaohsiung Linyuan region. We have trained large numbers of professionals and many are now reaching the age for retirement. We have implemented an employee retirement plan in full compliance with the “Labor Standards Law” and “Labor Pension Act”, which secure the pensions of all employees, ensuring the certain quality of life after retirement.

We support our employees and help them to start new lives after retirement. Before retirement, we share and exchange all the information they need to facilitate the proper planning of their finances and their social and leisure lives as well. We help them to keep in touch with others, and share health management and environmental protection concepts via multiple channels. These former colleagues are able to exchange thoughts on the management of their own health and lives. This connects retired personnel and the company closer together and provides a channel for the planning of retired life. This makes the lives of our retired personnel more interesting, free, and less worrisome.

Talent Attraction and Retention

The Pension Reserve Committee is set up according to the Law and a pension reserve is appropriated in an amount equivalent to 10% of the total monthly salary in accordance with the employee retirement plan and deposited in a trust fund account at the Bank of Taiwan as per government regulations. Pension Reserve Committee meetings are held periodically to review pension appropriation and implementation in order to secure the interests of the employees. In 2020, NT$33.622 million was deposited into the special account for retirement. By end of 2020, the sum of labor retirement reserve account reached a total of NT$62.902 million. OUCC abides by the provisions of the Labor Standards Act and evaluates the retirement reserve every year, ensuring that it is sufficient to support the pension payments for all the potential retirees.

In addition, for those employees who have chosen the Labor Pension Act, an amount equivalent to 6% of the monthly salary respectively for each employee is deposited in a personal account with the Bureau of Labor Insurance to safeguard the interests of the employees.

Employee Compensation and Benefits

The OUCC Employee Welfare Committee, which in addition to the lawful benefits, arranges welfare activities for the employees that include an annual banquet, scholarship grants, subsidies for activity, birthday, wedding, funeral, childbirth, and monetary gifts for three public festivals, and the year-end, as well as group insurance. In addition to health checkups and group insurance for employees and their families, we also organize annual employee trips and other activities for employees’ physical and mental health.

Talent Attraction and Retention

OUCC leads the industry in the provision of double group insurance. The coverage includes life insurance, accident insurance, hospitalization and medication, and cancer. Employees do not need to pay to be able to enjoy complete and comprehensive benefit. The employee benefits expenses totaled NT$62,699,872 in 2020 with welfare subsidy of NT$18,317,131.

Although the 2020 year-end banquet had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, the company still held the senior employee award ceremony. In addition to the different awards of gold gifts according to the years of service from 10 to 40 years, what is more special is the invitation before the event, the detailed planning of the event, the personalized award page and the commemorative photo of the award, all of which make the members feel honored.

Full-time Employee Benefits for Non-supervisory Positions
Talent Attraction and Retention
The OUCC Employee Benefits Expenses
Talent Attraction and Retention

The 2020 Welfare Measures List
Talent Attraction and Retention

OUCC provides transportation fee subsidies for Linyaun employees and employees in areas where shuttle buses don’t reach. A total of NT$1,610,400 was subsidized in 2020.

Transportation Subsidy AmountTalent Attraction and Retention
Club Activity

The OUCC does not have a large number of employees but we are as close as family. Our employees develop all kinds of associations for exercise and stress relief. There are total 18 clubs, and currently 17 clubs receive annual grants from the company, NT$173,000 was granted in 2020.

When a club is formed, the Director of the club files an application and a prospectus for annual club activity and a budget, a club members list, the purpose of the new club, and an introduction of the club to the Employee Welfare Committee for a resolution. Grants are provided to the officially established clubs.