Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

In order to effectively coordinate and manage various CSR affairs, OUCC established a “CSR Committee”. The President was regularly appointed as the Commissioner responsible for final decision making, action plan review, and approval of the final reports. The HR & Administration is accountable for the organization and promotion of the task execution of each department, and report periodically to the Board of such progression status.

The head of each department, Assistant Vice-President or Senior Manager, are appointed to the CSR Committee. Top management is responsible for the operation of the committee and formulation of CSR relevant policies, action plans, and cross-departmental coordination. In principle, the CSR Committee holds regular meetings as well as extraordinary meetings for any specific CSR issue that requires an immediate response. All the management processes, results of assessments and general CSR information are communicated to stakeholders through the company CSR website.

CSR Committee Organizational Structure

Organizational Framework of Sustainable Governance