OUCC has an anti-corruption mailbox for internal and external stakeholders to report illegal acts such as corruption, and has an independent investigation mechanism to conduct relevant investigations and verification actions. In accordance with audit operations such as "Management of Board Meetings" and "Audit Committee Rules", the management of the Board's interest avoidance is verified, and the operations of the Audit and Remuneration Committees meet the requirements.

In accordance with Articles 4 and 5 of the Company's "Reporting and Disciplinary Measures for Violating Ethical Conduct and the Best Business Practice", the company's reporting and handling procedures are as follows:

1. The company shall immediately request the accused personnel to stop the relevant conduct, and have the personel dealt with appropriately according to laws and regulations or relevant regulations within the company.

2. The operation of the company adheres to the principle of zero malpractice. If the personnel of the company take advantage of their positions, intend to seek the improper benefits for themselves or others, and incur losses of the company, the personnel as a consequence shall be dismissed from position, and compensate unconditionally for all losses the company may suffer, in terms of securing the company's reputation and rights.

3. Written documents, including the acceptance of the report, the investigation process and the results, shall be retained for five years and preserved electronically. Should a lawsuit related to the prosecution case occur prior to the expiry of the preservation period, the relevant materials shall be kept intact until the lawsuit is terminated.

4. Once the accusation is sustained, the related units of the company, accountable for the review of relevant internal control system and operating procedures, shall propose countermeasure for improvement to prevent any reoccurrence.

The notification channel for anti-corruption
E-mail: auditcommittee@oucc.com.tw

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